Life is difficult as it is. We make it even more difficult when we do or say stupid things. So many times this year I’ve been reminded of my parents, especially with how a part of my life has turned out. I can still hear my father’s words when he expressed concern for me with a decision I made. He was concerned that my life would turn out to be one of control and hurt instead of love. I wish both my parents were here today, so I can tell them that my life has been filled with more love than I could have ever hoped for. I also wish they were here, so I could tell them that I now see why they were so concerned. My parents were right to be concerned. They were right on so many levels. 

They Were Right

Sometimes as parents we see things our children miss entirely, whether they are looking at the world through rose colored glasses or they just miss the boat entirely. My parents did that with me. They knew I was not able to see what they did those many years ago. It’s like when we’re teaching our children to cross the street. Our children hold our hands and we pull them back because we can see imminent danger and much more than they can at their young age. But when they’re older, grown, and on their own we can only voice our concern when it’s the right time to do so.

My parents were right on so many levels.

Here are some of the ways my parents were right on.

  • God’s way is simple. Man complicates it through disobedience.
  • You can tell a lot about a person’s character by watching how they treat people who have no power.
  • Eat from your own garden.
  • Share everything you have!
  • There’s always an alternative to modern medicine:
  •      Apricot Kernels
  •      Chelation Therapy
  •      Garlic
  •      Calcium
  •      Whiskey and honey
  • The right clothes show how much you respect yourself.
  • People who spend their lives lecturing the mistakes of others, never really look at themselves.
  • You don’t need a mirror to see who you really are.
  • If you can’t forgive and forget, then you can’t truly love.

It’s takes maturity to discern maturely. We can’t always be there for our children but we can teach them that with maturity comes discernment. In order to do this we must be the living examples of that maturity. I’m so thankful my parents voiced their concern so many years ago. I’m also thankful that I now see what they did.

They were right on so many levels. 



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