I’ve been in that special Thanksgiving mood all month long this year, reminiscing of all the family Thanksgiving of the past and how they will never be the same ever again. With each passing year so much is learned and so much is forgotten. Memories of my mom’s special ravioli she made every Thanksgiving from scratch a couple of days before. We always had Italian food to go along with the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Thanksgiving Mood

Thanksgiving is that time of year when families are getting together to share memories, make new ones, eat turkey, watch football, play games, and eat more turkey. But for thousands who don’t have family to spend the holiday with it can be rather depressing and lonely. Whether you are cut off from your family because of weather issues, distance, family conflict, or work doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this day.

The Thanksgiving mood doesn’t have to elude you if you are alone, especially with the technology we have today. You can Skype with loved ones, call family,  volunteer your time to serve up Thanksgiving for the less fortunate. You can get together with your neighbors, coworkers, friends, or clients and have a Thanksgiving potluck. The Thanksgiving mood shouldn’t just be relegated to your only your blood family but can and should include those people who you know don’t have anyone to celebrate with.

Let’s try for one year to have a Thanksgiving mood that is filled with gratitude all year long, not for just one day or one month but for the entire year.


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