We make our life by the choices or lack thereof then we have to sit back and let life take it’s course. It’s the ever ambivalent time when we learn that every choice has a consequence and every consequence started with a choice.


The last couple of weeks I’ve spent my waking hours thinking about the choices I’ve made in life and the consequences that followed. I haven’t always made the right choices; I’m human and far from perfect. I’ve come to the realization that where I am in life is because of all the choices I’ve made along the way. I’ve made some very good choices, like marrying the man of my dreams and having our children. The most important choice I’ve ever made was to follow God.

Following God has not always been a popular choice, nor has it been easy. I’ve had to give up my sister and my brothers because they chose to sever ties with me because I follow God.  I’ve had to give up many of my dreams because they did not fit into the plan that God has for my life. But the choice of following God has lead me to be who I am today. The choice of following God has brought me to new heights and to new dreams I never even thought about before.

In my renewed thinking, I’ve begun to look for more ways to serve. I’ve been asking God to make me a servant. Not the world’s standards but by His standards. I want to serve people and “stand in the gap;” the place my father always told me I should be. It’s fascinating when we pray about things that are congruent to God’s plan how fast doors that were once locked are now opened wide, and just waiting for me to walk through.

I’ve been singing this song every day: Make Me A Servant. I sing this song while I’m cleaning houses, while I’m walking to a tutoring appointments, and while I’m in the shower. The words are always on my tongue.

Make me a servant

Humble and meek

Lord, let me lift up

Those who are weak

And may the prayer

Of my heart always be

Make me a servant

Make me a servant

Make me a servant today




  1. I totally agree. That’s a great song. Another one I like is the one the women’s choir sang for the Twin Cities Family Weekend last March called “Speak O’ Lord”. You can google a professional performance on you tube, if you’d like to hear it. The words are so inspiring and meaningful to our Christian walk.

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