For the last two weeks I’ve had to deal with a whole lot of fibromyalgia pain. Before you all go running around telling me that I need more magnesium or Vitamin D, or B vitamins; know this I’ve been taking all of them regularly and even upped my ASEA during this time of a massive flare-up. This morning as I was praying it dawned on me that I haven’t cried in a long time.  For me, a good cry alleviates more than just cleaning out my tear ducts; it also unloads my heart,  my spirit, and helps me let go of that which I can do nothing about.

A Good Cry

Interesting when my good cry was over guess what else went away too? Yep, my fibro pain became non-existent once again. So I decided to do some digging into how crying is good us. Dr. William H. Frey II says crying is a natural way to unlock emotional stress. This I found interesting since many of my fibro flare-ups are caused by emotional stress that I hold onto for dear life.  Crying also lowers blood pressure, which is probably why I’m so much more relaxed right now. Here’s a big one for me, before I had my good cry, my eyes itched constantly even though I was spraying them with the ASEA every chance I could. Through our tears toxins are removed from our body. And this one that I think I’ll need to do more research on. A good cry reduces our body’s manganese level. This is interesting since the concentration of this mineral is 30 times greater in our tears than in our blood. Oh and did I mention this mineral affects our mood, too. Okay, here’s the biggest piece of information I needed to know and thought you would also like to know. Crying releases our body’s own natural pain killers.

Did you hear that? No wonder  I feel so much better, I just unlocked the door to my own body’s natural painkillers.

You are probably wondering what would I need to cry about? Well, let me tell you life is difficult, and sometimes you need a good cry to get over the next hurdle in life. We all have setbacks, hurdles to climb over, and disappointments. So the next time my fibro acts up I’m going to remember that a good cry may be just what I need to cleanse my body and spirit and activate my natural pain killers.

Thinking I should schedule a good cry once a month on my calendar for my health’s sake.



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