Life is always what we make it. If we are agitated all the time, life will look like a storm. If we control our spirit and live in peace and calm, life will follow suit. If we wake up with a different attitude every day, each day will be according to how we see it. I slept for two hours last night, the excitement of too many things happening all at the same time has me thinking in all different directions. One thing is certain, life is definitely changing, for the better. The storm clouds arrived last night in the midst of my insomnia and I realized that I am in control of the wind; whether I bow down to it or stand firm in my resolve never giving up on my passions. It’s this resolve that keeps me standing and smiling when the wind dies down.

When you’re going through the storm and you get up each day with the same resolve to make the most out of every day even though you know in the back of your mind that you didn’t accomplish nearly as much as you thought you could. These are the moments that make or break a person. Yes the winds come with every storm, but it’s how we perceive the wind, the cause of the wind, the storm, and the direction the storm is moving that will either shake our foundation or will be the lightening rod that prods us onto our goal.

When the wind dies down

People come into our lives and we never know why they are a part of it until we really get to know them or something tragic happens and they are gone forever. Some people inspire us to do good by their good examples and some by their bad examples. Just look at the entertainment industry and you’ll be able to see every kind of bad example that is showing the world how not to live. We’ve each had people in our lives that have shown us how and how not to live. But when you get right down to it, it’s these people who teach us how to live when the wind dies down that matters the most.

When the wind dies down, do we settle down into complacency and just live life in limbo or are we enjoying the fruits of our labor? If we are living life in limbo and just waiting for the next wind to come along and move us somewhere, then we haven’t learned what we should have from the last wind. But if we are continuing to strive and make a difference in our life while enjoying those much beloved fruits than we are truly understanding the meaning of hard work. With each gust of wind we are reminded of why we do what we do. If that gust of wind moves us back and forth easily then we don’t have a firm foundation of our why.  If you truly love what you do, you won’t let wind gusts (obnoxious, controlling people) stand in your way of living your best life.

When the wind dies down


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