It’s been a while since my last blog post, partly because I’ve been busy and totally unfocused in what to do next in my life, and partly because I just thought does what I write about really make an impact in people’s lives. What’s really funny here is that by me writing posts every day it was making an impact in my own life, and when I stopped my progress stopped too. When I write I’m better able to deal with what’s going on in my life. So I changed my mind again and have decided to get back to what really makes me happy, writing.

Creative Beings

Not only does writing make me happy but it also helps me see the other areas in my life that need a little more pruning and attention. I love writing and always have. We are creative beings; when we aren’t using our own creative talent every day we cease to be who we were meant to be. I truly believe this because when I’m using my creative talents, whether it’s cooking a nice meal, creating art from garbage, or putting words together on a page my life is richer and better.

Part of changing my mind is choosing to make a difference. I get up each morning with purpose to make a difference and while I’m making a difference in other people’s lives I’m also making a difference in my own life. It’s a known fact that when you wake up with purpose you are more likely to spring out of bed and get a start on the day. If you have no purpose in your life, then you have no reasons for doing what you do. You begin to ask yourself “Why even get out of bed?” “Who cares what happens?” These questions are self-defeating, but when you have a purpose to make a difference you have reasons. If you can stop yourself from thinking this way, your life can be what you want it to be.

Another part of changing my mind is choosing what I think about. I am no longer thinking about all the negative things in life. Negativity is the way of this world but to rise above the world we need to think on a higher plane. That higher plane is to take all those negative thoughts, words, and actions and toss them in the trash, where they belong. Once you throw them out, take the trash out. You wouldn’t dig through trash unless you were looking for something valuable. Negativity is not valuable. If you’re in a place where you are surrounded with negative people, get away from them, or limit your contact with them. If your spouse is negative all the time, work on yourself. Always answer a negative comment with a positive one. Sometimes a positive one is none at all. Don’t use curse words, or name calling, blaming. Don’t pick fights just to get a rise out of people.

Several months ago on Facebook, a couple of people in my extended family decided to unfriend and block me because of my positivity. They publicly posted on their pages that they would not be friends with people who are positive and post photos about happiness, courage, and uplifting quotes. We live in a negative world and many times these negative people are in our own families. One thing to understand here is that if people are unfriendly in real time, they are more than likely to be unfriendly in any social arena. So while these people were trying to hurt me, they just showed their true colors.

I’ve changed my mind many times throughout my life, and I’ll probably do it many more times before I take my last breath. But isn’t life all about change?


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