There is nothing so cherishing as receiving a card or letter from a loved one in the mail. Yes snail mail. Most of the mail we get anymore is junk mail, sales flyers, credit card offers, and magazine subscriptions. But getting that letter touching the envelope, smelling it, carefully opening it to preserve it has become something of a sacred ceremony. Sending letters home are cherished because it shows that you were willing to take the time out of your busy life to think about them.


We live in the instant where everyone writes in short hyphenated blobs of letters instead of complete thoughts. Text messages, emails, instant messages, Facebook posts, and tweets have replaced a letter home or a card to a loved one on their birthday.

I remember going through a box of my mom’s old letters when I ran across a letter my dad sent my mom before they were married. In it he asked her to marry him. He wrote and sent this letter while he was stationed at his FOB in 1945. He wrote other letters to my mom, and sent her cards along the way as well. I am so thankful my mom saved everything, because I got to touch a bit of family history.

Every time I go through my own cards that my sons have given and made me, that my husband has given me, I touch a love history that no one else can know. It’s sentimental, it’s beautiful and it’s mine. I get to share this love history with my family. It’s personal, it’s tangible. Sorry but you can’t hold a text message up to your heart, and feel the person’s feelings coming through your phone screen.

While writing this post I’m reading a letter that was sent to me, by someone I used to dream about when I was 16. God granted me that dream. It’s so special to me to see his words and feel his love come through the pages with every stroke of the pen he took, I know he wrote it with love in his heart.

Write a letter home, send a card. Reconnect with your loved ones. Give them something tangible to embrace. ¬†Something that shows future generations just how much love you’ve had in your life.

Send some letters home!

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