When we look at the word health we all have our own perceptions of what the word means that are all relative to our individual lives.  It’s no secret that I love words. I love their history, their definitions and their life-changing powers. So when I began a word study into t “Health”, I found information that quite frankly changed my view of what health really means and why we should pursue to have it in our lives. I think the explorers weren’t really looking for the fountain of youth as they were the fountain of health.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary health is defined several ways. It is the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; freedom from physical disease or pain.  A medical definition of health is the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly. The Old English definition of health means wholeness, sound, and well (hale, whole). It also means holy and sacred.  While these are concise in what the word means health still means so much more than we think it does. Just ask someone in poor health what health is and you will get an answer that is much deeper than the definitions in a dictionary. 

Where does our health begin? 

Health begins at the cellular level, if our cells are whole and functioning properly we have good health. It’s easy to understand then that diseased cells produce diseased organs and poor health. Without getting too technical good health begins with healthy cells. Our cells are in a constant state of balancing work.

Deep within our cells we have the workers that are either functioning correctly and in order with the right kind of nutrition they’re given or they’re in chaos because they’ve been given garbage instead of nutrition.

Our body is a healing machine. It is largely made of bacteria, in a delicate balance. Every cell needs to be clear (beginning within the womb) at all times about its identity and purpose. When a cell doesn’t remember its purpose, it acts like a cancerous cell, replicating itself “mindlessly”. Signaling molecules are essential messengers signaling what needs to happen on a cellular level – on an ongoing basis and especially when damage occurs.  (Radha Bonnie McChristy)

Communication Highway

It’s important to note that we have our own instant messaging system going on right inside everyone of our cells working constantly sending messages back and forth, sharing information, and alerting us when there is a back up or a pot hole on the communication highway. The problem is that that as we age we lose our capability to produce these messenger molecules (Redox Signaling molecules) at the rate of 1% every year. So when we reach the age of 50 we’ve lost 50% of those messenger molecules. So instead of instant messaging we’ve reverted back to the pony express.

Our cells have many components that make up that communication highway and the one component that is drastically effected by the aging process is our mitochondria. That rate of 1% we lose every year, is this baby right here, that one component we need so desperately. We can’t get our mitochondria back once it’s gone. But we can replenish the Redox Signaling molecules that the mitochondria makes.

Human clinical studies on ASEA showed it increased mitochondrial density by 30% in one week, essentially replenishing a 30 year loss. Since mitochondria produce redox signaling molecules, this increased population reestablishes intelligent cellular function and communication. So our body can begin to better perform the miraculous work it is programmed to do; defend itself intelligently, repair damage effectively and advance life. (Radha Bonnie McChristy)

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