My relationship with allergies goes all the way back to when I was a kid. I had all sorts of skin rashes, sniffles, eye irritations and more. I am allergic to penicillin and other types of mold even the good kind like blue cheese. I have severe dairy allergies. My list of allergies just seems to be getting longer  with each passing day. As a person who will always choose natural remedies and holistic therapies for every health issue in her life, I am constantly looking for alternative ways to lead my life in spite of my allergies.

The last couple of days were no exception. I could not sleep because I had an extreme case of skin hives. I tried everything I knew that would take the itch away. Nothing worked then I resorted to benadryl.  HUGE mistake for me. Yes the itching stopped but the price I paid afterwards was worse than any itching I ever had. I had an out-of-body experience like I was floating around a room instead of sitting at the table. I also got a weird extreme headache in the back of my head. Never had one like this in all my life. Then of course there was that foggy brain feeling. I haven’t had a bout of foggy brain since I started taking my ASEA. But the worst came when the benadryl wore off. The itching was the worst it has ever been.


Last night I said no more and threw out the bottle. I researched and found something that helped hives and found something that is all natural that I take sometimes for my kidney. The great part was that I already had a bottle of it in my supplement cabinet. It’s nettles. I took four capsules, waited an hour and took four more. Guess what the itching subsided and I was able to get some sleep. Today I haven’t itched once.

I always think it’s more important to find out what the cause of an illness or a reaction then to cover it up. So today I researched and figured out that I am highly allergic to gluten and all grains because that was the only thing I ate that was out of the ordinary. So today I started on a totally grain free diet. Since my husband is already gluten free, I thought I would join him and see where this lifestyle leads us.


Just because something is gluten-free doesn’t means it’s healthy. If you eat gluten-free products or use gluten-free flours and stabilizers you are still consuming the most processed grains that have no nutritional value. Anything that is modified should be avoided at all costs in my book. Xanthan Gum for instance should never be used. It is made by fermenting corn sugar (GMO) with a bacteria. But it can be derived from corn, wheat, or soy. So, let’s get this straight. If your allergic to gluten and you have wheat, then you shouldn’t be using Xanthan Gum. Companies don’t have to list the source of the xanthan gum on the label either so you never know what you’re getting. Xanthan Gum is not the least bit natural. Potato starch is another NO-NO for people when eating gluten free. All the potato starch used in the gluten-free industry comes from GMO potatoes. Plus potatoes are from the nightshade family and they cause inflammation.

So here I am well into the second half of my day. I have not itched once and I’m doing great.


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