My parents never told me that life was a fun amusement park ride. Roller coasters is what my parents likened to life. Sometimes you’re going uphill frightful of what will be at the top and even more frightful at what will be around the next turn. Working your way up the hill, there is no pleasure except for knowing that you’ve done all you can and need to wait and see what life has left to offer. “When the going gets tougher,” my father used to say, “is when we really get to see what people are really made of.”

I’m not a person who likes going through tough times, but then I don’t think anyone really enjoys tough times. Sometimes we just need a break from our own life and need some breathing room to regroup and enjoy what we have. The economic times we have now, are too much for people to take. It’s a whole new ball game then when my father said those words to me. He told me those words on my high school graduation day 32 years ago. Even though times have changed, and economic conditions are worse, the words are still true.

The more famous phrase goes like this “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” My father’s version says so much more. People who go through really tough times like those who’ve lost everything in Moore, Oklahoma become resilient in their fight to make the most of what they do have. They don’t let a moment go by without telling the people in their lives how much they love them. As times get even tougher we need each other more and more, it’s the people in our lives that help us get through tougher times.

Words Every Family Should Know

How do we get over our faults, our hurts, our disappointments, our lack of forgiveness and understanding?It’s really simple. When two people have a misunderstanding, both must be willing to listen without judging. There are three-word increments that can rectify every misunderstanding, but only when both parties are willing to listen:




These are not weak words, they strengthen relationships when said appropriately. They bridge the gaps between families. Tougher times are coming and families are being ripped apart when they need to stand strong against the mighty wind. Use these words often and your family will stay strong.

When the going gets tougher, where will your family be?


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