Sleep: The Newest Nutrient

These health issues can be made worse with lack of sleep.

Sleep should be the newest nutrient in anyone’s health plan because it is through sleep that the other nutrients are allowed to do their work. Without sleep we are hungrier for carbohydrates, our heart rates are elevated, our blood pressure is elevated, our brains do not work as well as they should. Every time we are sleep deprived we put ourselves into grave danger. Yes, I said grave danger because we will be closer to the grave than if we had slept. Now I am not saying you should run to the cheapest sleep aid. Each of us has different issues that are prohibiting our sleeping. When we look to fixing those issues we will begin to sleep again. Our bodies need uninterrupted sleep for our cells to rejuvenate, and our bodies to get back the homeostasis it needs so we can live. Without this uninterrupted sleep our bodies begin the break down process and instead of maintaining homeostasis it opens the doors to disease.

Interesting facts about our health when we sleep.

To learn more about combating sleep deprivation click here.


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