Ever get the feeling like your student is just starting to grasp the different skill sets that their teacher has worked so hard on teaching them, then it’s time for summer break. I’ve had that feeling many times with my own children. Summer was a time they would forget more things they learned instead of a time where those skills were used.  In homeschooling my own children for many years and working in the school system for a time, I’ve learned that those students who kept on learning through the summer did better educationally than those who were let free to do as they pleased. This is where Summer Enrichment Tutoring can come in. Tutoring can help with this by helping your students see how to see the world around them with different eyes.

I’ve always loved learning and always wanted to share what I learned with my parents, then my husband, and then my children. When my children were still at home, it was a requirement to come to the dinner table with a new tidbit of knowledge to share. It was fun watching them go through the educational sites on the internet to find something new to share with each of us that was something they were interested in, or something we were interested in. For instance when the cicadas were out and everywhere, my one son told us about how in some cultures they are eaten for their protein. No, we did not try them, though I think he would have.

This type of learning that goes beyond the end of the school year is carried with the person far into their adult life. If you want our students to have this love of learning then we need to have this same love. We need to give our students every opportunity to learn. Summer is a great time to do that. For instance if your student is already getting tutoring for reading or math, he or she would benefit from a Summer Enrichment Tutoring where those skills they just learned are used in fun and exciting ways. Fractions come to life when used in cooking their favorite snacks. Geometry takes shape when used to make a bird house. Words that jump off the page are so much more interesting than just lying on white paper.

Summer Enrichment Tutoring

I will be offering Summer Enrichment Tutoring for Elementary (K-6) in the areas of Science, Reading, Writing, Math, and Social Studies. If you want your students to retain more of what they learned in the school year, this is a great opportunity to do just that.  Just click here to get started.

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