Have you ever had one of those days when you thought if only I could delete that word from my vocab or that sentence from life. Yesterday was one of those days. It seemed like I was getting bombarded by rude people. Was yesterday “Rude People Stand Up Day” and no one told me?  Last I looked it wasn’t. But it sure felt that way. I had an ace in the hold yesterday. I have Delete Button Power, and I used it several times yesterday.

Delete Button

I’ve been using Facebook as my own personal page and as a wellness platform for several years now. I post comments on my own page, and on community pages that interest me from wellness to art and everything in between. Yesterday I’m not sure what set off the the cascade of rudeness not only on my own page but from page owners messaging me to basically yell at me,  I knew this because their whole message was in capital letters.

If you’re going to have a Facebook page that is open to the public then you better make sure you have some thick skin, because people will and should be able to make comments that don’t necessarily agree with your perspective. But isn’t that the purpose of communication. If we all went around agreeing with people we wouldn’t grow as a society.

I’m not a “YES” woman. I don’t say “I agree” unless I really do. Now, I’m not rude, nor do I use foul language, either. I don’t message people or post things in Capital Letters to make it seem like I’m shouting at them. There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate with people. Polite conversations and communications is where we should be in this world filled with curse words and rudeness at every turn.

It seems that more and more people can’t agree to disagree and that’s really sad. Why do we all have to have the same opinion about everything? Sorry I don’t like Kitty Cat photos and overly religious photos, and comments. I don’t like rude jokes, or photos that come from pages with curse words in their name. I do like to shake things up a bit with a totally different spin on the same old comments, but this is my personality. I see things in life in a totally different perspective, one that’s positive and motivating.

If you don’t like what I say here, even on this blog or on one of my many posts to Facebook, Linked In, Google+ or the many forums that I’m a part of, it doesn’t give you the right to send me a message that involves cursing at me, or shouting at me. Communication is not about who can shout the loudest or who can use the most curse words in a sentence. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, if you don’t, that’s fine just tell me why with no cursing and no shouting.

Instead of perpetuating a communication flaw, I use my delete button power. It’s there for a reason; sad that we have to do this but all the better because in business as in life curse words should not rule our lives. Shouting matches stop communication just as fast. In the future if I or someone else makes a comment on your page or sends you a short message. If you don’t like the comment or message, use your delete button power. It will save you, your image, and your presence on the internet.




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