Waking Up To eXercise!

Let’s face it, if we don’t find exercising fun, many of us just won’t do it. But then I think, when does everything we do have to be fun in order for us to do it. Anyone who’s ever changed a diaper knows it’s not fun but it is a necessary part of life that needs to get done. There are many other things in life that are not fun but yet we do them, exercise for some of us could be in that same category. For people who love to exercise this blog post may be a little boring, but for all of you who dread waking up to exercise and will look for every excuse in the book to not exercise this post will hit a nerve.

Wake Up To eXercise

Remember the old saying “Use it or lose it?” I’ve known many examples of people who got no physical activity and their lives were shortened or seriously changed because of the lack there of. One such example was my own father. While my father was a very inspiring man his only exercise came when he would walk the trash cans to the end of our drive way once a week. Oh don’t get me wrong we had all sorts of exercise equipment from stationary bicycles, to contraptions that hung on door knobs that had leather grips that made you look like you were walking while lying on your back. We also had this one piece of equipment that had four foam pads on a track, two for your hands and two for your knees it made you feel like you were crawling. These things got used for all of a month then they would sit in our basement collecting dust. My father died at the age of 63 back in 1988.

Then I have my uncle Hank. I always remember him as being thin but he was just as unhealthy as my father when it came to exercising. His favorite exercise was golfing. He loved the sport so much that he had a golfing green installed in his backyard. When I stayed with my aunt and uncle I would go golfing with him on occasion, and we always road in the golf cart because as he would say “It took too long to walk it!” He died when in 1982 at the age of 62.

I have numerous examples in my life of people who would say “I just hate to exercise.” “It makes me too sweaty!” “I don’t like the way I feel when I exercise.” “It takes too much time!” These are the people who today are either dead or living in a handicapped state all because they made excuses about why they didn’t want do it instead of waking up to exercise.

Yes I have physical handicaps. I have five screws holding my left foot together. I have a painful autoimmune disease. I have the residual effects leftover from a car accident. But I’ve found that when I exercise I feel better. I’ve made the excuses just like everyone else, too. “I’m too tired!” “My foot hurts!” “The pain is too great today!”

Our bodies were not designed to sit all day. It’s ironic when you look at it from an animal standpoint. We’re told that eating organic cage free chickens is better for us. So we’ve let our animals roam free and put ourselves in cages. Now no amount of eating organic food is going to save a sick population if we’re sitting in our own cages we call offices, homes, and vehicles. If you don’t have a physical job than you better have a physical life. We need to exercise. It’s simple. We need to get rid of all the excuses of why we don’t exercise. We need do it whether it’s fun or not. Yes there are all sorts of books out there that tout the benefits of exercising and you can read them all but having the knowledge won’t make you do it. You have to just wake up, cut the crap, and exercise.

Look at the examples in your own family of people who have really lived and those who lived with their excuses. You’ll find your motivation to wake up to exercise. 


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