On my walk this morning I came to the conclusion that without understanding of why something happens in our lives we continue to let it keep happening. People are always asking that ill fated question, “WHY?”  “Why did this bad thing happen to me?” “Why did I get this disease?” “Why did my spouse leave me?”  And we are always given  the answer in yet another question, “WHY NOT?” The answers to these questions helps in understanding the vision we have for our entire life.

While many times we are told not to even think about the question of “Why?” something has happened or is happening in our lives. Because people think that we will have to endure even more bad things happening to us. Don’t you find it interesting that we only question when bad things are going on and not the good? When we’re going through the good times we never stop to think about why they’re happening we’re just enjoying the moment.

Do you understand the vision for your life?

Do you understand the vision for your life?

Understanding the vision in our life means that we need to understand the why’s and the why not’s  of the things that happen to us; this means that we need to ask ourselves some difficult attachment questions. It’s no secret that in order to lose weight and get healthy we need to ask ourselves questions about our motives in why we do the deeds that are detrimental to both our figure and our health. For me, it looks like this: What in my past has me connected to eating chocolate first thing in the morning? This goes all the way back to my grandfather. I am longing for those simpler times when I was cared for by my Dzadza (Polish for grandfather). I feel the need to continue in his legacy even though I know it’t not healthy. But in my case I’ve changed the way I have my chocolate in the morning and have a chocolate protein shake instead.

This was an easy vision to understand. I have a vision of looking and feeling a certain way so I needed to understand why I am constantly craving something that is tied me to my past. How many of us do this every day but don’t understand why we’re doing it? Now let’s dig a little deeper. I’m not a fan of setting goals, many people aren’t, but they’re also going nowhere, either. Goals help us achieve that which is worthwhile. So what’s my obsession about these little things called goals? While I’ve set goals in the past, some I accomplished and some I haven’t, in my mind I always focused on the unaccomplished goals instead of my successes. WHY? Because I sometimes I let the negative words of my mother overrun my mind instead of those positive words of my father. I accomplished many things in my life by having goals but those negative words are sometimes so difficult to silence.

I was sitting in a business training session a couple of months ago with other associates and we were going around the circle  stating our goals about where we want our business to be. When it was my turn, I stood up and said “I try not to make goals because when I do and I don’t accomplish them I am extremely depressed.” I shot myself in the foot that day. Because the only thing I’ve accomplished is nothing!

I now understand that I need to have a vision of where I want to go and I need to understand that vision. Understanding the vision for my life means that I need to write down my goals, read over my goals, give a vision to my goals. I need to map out where I want to go not just with the business but with my physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and social health. Sometimes I think in pictures and sometimes I think in words. So I’ve decided to bring my vision to life with photos that I’ve started collecting, quotes about the life I want to have. I’ve printed them all out and they sit on the wall above my computer in my office. The quotes are on my bathroom mirror, my refrigerator, and my front door. 

You see if I surround myself with my vision, I’ll understand my vision, and I’ll become my vision.

Instead of letting life happen to you, bring your vision to life.

Understand it.

Taste it.

Feel it.

Become the vision.


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