Every time I think about a situation of a person is thinking it through to the end or the lack there of I always think about the old I Love Lucy Shows. Lucy always had a plan to do something but never took the time to think it through to the end and her plans always turned out rather hilarious but kind of sad. Lucy was never alone in her endeavors, she had Ethel who just went along with Lucy without thinking it through.

Thinking through a problem is like looking at the solution before stating their could be a problem in the first place. I do this all the time especially when I’m creating my art work. I will look at the medium I’m working with and try to make it do something it’s not designed to. But I think it through to the end to see what the end result could look like then I think about the ways I can make it. Case in point, how do you take metal tin can lids and mold them to fit on a flower pot. You hammer them until they are pliable then you can bend them and mold them to fit on anything. (Sorry there’s no photo yet, I haven’t finished it yet.)

Think it through

Are you thinking through your situations or are you constantly finding yourself on the crazy-go-round of your life? A crazy-go-round, we all have one of those life issues that simply won’t go away and drives us nuts because no matter what you do or don’t do, it never changes. I’ve learned that my own crazy-go-round will probably never go away but as I thought it through, it’s affecting my life less and less because I choose not to focus on it. I thought it through to the end and I’ve come to understand that I will never be able to change it but I can change myself and I can change how I think about it.

Thinking through a problem, thinking through a crazy-go-round, thinking through our feelings, thinking through our actions, thinking through our thoughts, thinking through our choices are the safest ways to live a life filled with health and wellness.

Think through your health!



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