Sometimes I think we are all living under a rock when people ask me for advice or help in researching alternative health therapies that might help them with their specific diseases. Everyone seems to be searching for that miracle cure that is going to let them continue with their unhealthy lifestyle yet help them be invincible when it comes to diseases. Well, I’m here to inform everyone reading this that the only miracle cure there is  is you. You are the miracle prevention, you are the miracle cause, and the miracle cure. Just open your eyes and you’ll see that what you’ve been thinking, doing, and eating are all contributors to either great health and devastatingly bad health.


It’s really simple. If you think bad thoughts all the time and walk around with a negative attitude your body will follow suit and become energetically blocked. Negative thoughts kill not only our attitudes but they change our genes and our cells so we are more susceptible to contracting devastating diseases and illnesses. But the contrary of positive thoughts can actually help people overcome those diseases. So one would think that if a person were to change their negative thoughts to positive ones then the diseases won’t get a foothold in our bodies. Here’s something to think about: if you carry a lot of anger around with you on a daily basis and are noticing you’re in more pain than usual try letting go of the anger and see if the pain also goes away. It may take a bit of time but this one change will affect the rest of your life.

Whatever we think about whether positive or negative we end up doing. So if we are thinking negatively or swearing at those who we love we are actively taking those negative thoughts and giving them permission to ruin our lives by our actions. Think about it. Carrying out a negative thought is what serial killers do. They run with that one negative thought until it’s too late, and they’ve committed not just one murder but many murders. All because they had negative thoughts. Now I’m not saying that everyone who has a negative thought is a murderer but that thought becomes an action just the same. So when you think “I’m not worth it” “I’m no good!” “No one loves me!” “Get out of my life!” You’re setting the stage for that very thing to happen. Telling ourselves that we’re not worth it, we’re no good, no one loves puts us into situations where those words come true. I know this because I used to think those things. I used to tell myself all sorts of lies, like this. I acted on them too by trying to satiate my feelings with food, procrastination, sleep, and yes anger at myself. Then one day, I just stopped. I asked God to help me change my thoughts to only think of the positive and it happened not instantly, but gradually.  It’s freeing to look at only the positive side of situations. It’s helped my life, my marriage, my family, and my health.


I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve said “We can’t eat phood and expect to be healthy!” (My own term Phood: phony food, GMO food.) Most of us can’t stand to be around phony people, then why do we stuff our mouths, and our lives with phony food that robs our bodies of nutrients instead of giving us what we need and want most. Is it too difficult to understand that we hold the key to our own health by what we eat? This is where the rock comes in. How many people don’t know who Dr. Oz is? Or Dr. Andrew Weill? Or Dr. Mark Hyman? Or Dr. Neal Barnard? Or Dr. Joe Mercola? All of them will tell you that processed food is killing us. The news stories all over the place are telling us that we have more diseases now than ever before, and asking the question “WHY?” Don’t you think the answer may lie in the fact that people now eat more processed foods than our ancestors did? Heck there are more processed foods now than when I was in my 20’s. And it’s a vicious cycle too. Because those processed foods are depleting your body of nutrients which stops you from thinking clearly, which makes you act out those thoughts. It’s SAD!

Open your eyes so you can see what’s really going on. If you eat a healthy, non-GMO diet, preferably organic, don’t smoke or drink, and get regular exercise you can prevent almost 80% of all diseases.

Be the miracle prevention and the miracle cure instead of the miracle cause.

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