This afternoon I got to spend time with a group of older women in my complex. It was nice to get out of my usual routine and become part of a group. This group of women are quite a bit older than I by 25 years or more but I’ve been feeling it was necessary for me to be part of them. I’m getting to know them one-by-one and learning that many of them are lonely for their grown children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They have a need to nurture me as I have a need to nurture them.

Silver Ambassadors

While I’m missing my own mom, I have these ladies who fill the need more than they know. Just listening to them about how life used to be when they road street cars and took trains to get to places instead of driving. That’s what my mom used to do. Listening to them as they talk about their cooking experiences and sharing recipes with them has helped me not miss my mom so much. But I’ve also learned that I’m filling a need for each of them as well, because many of them do not have family members who live close by.

We meet once a week, have coffee and a snack, talk about books we’re reading, what type of crafts we’re doing and just about what’s going on in our lives. While I might be the youngest person there, I am filled with this need to nurture our silver ambassadors, otherwise known as senior citizens, because they are our gems in life and still have so much teach us about life. It’s fun watching a movie like today, Princess Diaries, and stopping it just at the right spot so one of our ladies can pinpoint the house she used to live in. She told us about the wonderful parties and about her life when she lived there. Or listening to stories about the different actors in Hollywood movies like The Caddy, because another lady in the group knew Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis personally. It’s fascinating to listen to what life was like back in the day.

Our silver ambassadors have so much life still left in them.

Reach out to them.

They need us to nurture them for the gems they are to us.


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