In honor of Throwback Thursday. I thought I would repost one of my favorite blog posts. Keep it Going!

Keep moving   Keep smiling   Keep shining   Keep dreaming    Keep Imagining   Keep planning   Keep laughing   Keep deciding where I want to go   Keep giving myself a chance   Keep paying it forward   Keep singing   Keep dancing   Keep running   Keep reading   Keep asking God   Keep doing   Keep sharing   Keep saving   Keep encouraging   Keep inspiring   Keep writing   Keep blogging   Keep helping   Keep praying  Keep serving   Keep listening   Keep searching   Keep my eyes open   Keep finding   Keep learning   Keep playing   Keep loving   Keep speaking   Keep hearing   Keep watching   Keep bringing   Keep painting   Keep creating   Keep it real   Keep telling the truth   Keep living the word of God   Keep natural   Keep organic

Keep on Doing

Keep breathing   Keep living in the present   Keep changing   Keep growing   Keep putting one step in front of the other   Keep improving   Keep showing up   Keep forgiving   Keep calling   Keep compassion in your life  Keep empathy a part of your life   Keep thinking   Keep camping   Keep hiking   Keep climbing   Keep walking   Keep swimming   Keep hugging   Keep your lamp burning   Keep spinning   Keep digging   Keep eating healthy   Keep taking your supplements   Keep cooking  Keep sowing   Keep harvesting   Keep pruning    Keep mentoring   Keep building bridges   Keep tearing down walls   Keep recommitting   Keep appreciating   Keep standing  Keep feeling   Keep talking   Keep making peace   Keep staying positive   Keep praising   Keep journaling    Keep journeying into reality   Keep promising   Keep coaching  Keep it going. 

These are the areas that I want to keep going at since I want to make a consistent effort to be the best me possible I need to keep doing the things above. If you have some more positive, uplifting things you do every day, let me know. We all could use as much help as we can get.

Keep it going! 


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