Ever since I was little I could imagine what something would look like and make it. I started designing my own doll clothes after my own clothes when I was eight. That’s also the time when I began seeing what my own clothes would look like and just start making them. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was five and my aunt taught me how to sew (the proper way) when I was 14. In between the ages of eight and 14 I used to see things not as they were but how I wanted them to be then I would make them. When I learned how to sew “the proper way” it opened up my world of imagining my designs in the real world.  The word itself beckons us to do just that IMAGINE.


Do you sit back and just think of what could be? As kids we imagined all the time, often getting in trouble for daydreaming. So we stopped imagining how life could be, and become little robots going about our day on auto-pilot. I’m here to tell you to IMAGINE again how life could be, how food could taste, how excited you will be when you accomplish a goal or project. How often do we go through job interviews and we’re asked that dreaded question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” If you can’t see what your life would be like in 5 years, it’s because you haven’t imagined what it could be like.

Baby steps are the answer!

  • Imagine what tomorrow would be like if you changed just one thought or one action. If you are constantly putting yourself down, imagine how you would feel tomorrow if you complimented yourself on your good habits. (“Tomorrow when I look pass by a mirror I will say, ‘Hello Gorgeous!'” I can see myself smile.) If you have a lot of stress from driving in traffic, imagine how tomorrow would be different if you listened to soothing music or a good book on CD while you drove.  Do this for a month and you’ll see life a whole lot differently. 
  • Keep imagining and seeing yourself in two weeks, what will you be doing, wearing, who will be with you, what scents do you smell. How will life be different?
  • Imagine how a certain color would change your attitude. If you wear black all the time (I have an entire drawer of black clothes and a half a closet too), imagine how your attitude might change if you bring more color into your home, your wardrobe, and your life. Imagine bringing in some pretty flowers for your table and see how it affects your attitude. (For the last two weeks I wore outfits that did not have a hint of black in them, it lightens my mood and attitude. Especially when people told me “How colorful or Springy I looked).
  • Imagine you are surrounded by positive influential people within your chosen career or field of interest. You’re having a conversation with them, imagine what you would be saying and what you would be learning. (I do this all the time, when I’m cooking. I always think Gordon Ramsay is in the kitchen with me cooking alongside me. When I’m working out I always think Bob Harper is talking me through a bout of the “I Can’ts).
  • Imagine what your version of happiness looks like and think about that all the time. When you think happy thoughts, you become happy no matter what’s going on in your life.

When we IMAGINE we open up our world to the possibilities in life.  Can you see your possibilities in your life?  If not then you’re not imagining enough!



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