Can You HEAR Me Now?

So many times I’m trying to listen to what my body is telling me but I can’t hear what it’s trying to say. Our bodies are constantly trying to tell us something only we don’t hear them or we choose to ignore what we hear. Our health depends on how well we listen to what our bodies are telling us. But our biggest problem is not on listening so much as it is in what we hear. Every time I would watch that Verizon commercial where the guy is going into remote places and asking “Can you HEAR me now?” I think about how our bodies are screaming this to us every chance it can, and we turn a deaf ear and continue on our not so merry way.

Can You HEAR Me Now

The difference between hearing and listening to our bodies is as clear as night and day. My husband’s way of dealing with pain is a great example. He was in a bicycle accident several years ago. When I got to the emergency room where he was taken, I heard him having harsh words with the nurse because he did not want any pain meds. The nurse kept insisting and my husband held his ground. His final statement on the matter has been a continual reason why he will never take pain meds “I need to know what my body is doing, pain meds cover up what’s going on inside of me.”

Do we know what our bodies are doing?

Can we HEAR what they’re  saying?

This brings me to another point of hearing what our bodies are saying. For two years now my husband and I have been trying to get rid of all the wheat from our diet, because it’s so genetically modified and because my husband has a gluten intolerance. So I did some research and found that spelt flour is not as modified and people who are gluten intolerant can sometimes do fine on it. So I used spelt flour in everything and played around with alternative flours (tapioca, brown rice, and garbanzo bean).  About a month ago I stopped using the spelt altogether and just used the tapioca, brown rice, and garbanzo bean. Something wonderful has happened with my husband’s health issues. They’ve gone away. My husband heard what his body was saying every time he would eat something that had gluten in it. He was able to listen to what he heard his body tell him. Yesterday while eating my cornbread, made with garbanzo bean flour, he said “He has no problem eating this way, and he feels so much better.”

If you smoke and you’re constantly sick with respiratory problems (colds, flues, sinus infections), your body is screaming, “Can you HEAR me now?” Don’t wait until you have lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD to listen to it.  HEAR what your body is saying now.

If you’re having scaly or blotchy skin issues, your body is trying to tell you that you have a food allergy or sensitivity. Hear what your body is saying instead of trying to cover up the problem with lotions and makeup.

Instead of running to the medicine cabinet to get rid of every discomfort like heart burn, a headache, a skin rash, etc; learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Each of these discomforts come up as a warning sign that your body is telling you that something is amiss. If you’re constantly covering up the discomforts of life, you stop yourself from hearing what your body is saying. It’s like ignoring a blaring smoke alarm. You wouldn’t ignore a blaring smoke alarm at work, school, or in your own home; you would do whatever was necessary to find out where the smoke was coming from.

Then stop ignoring the alarm your body is blaring!

Can You HEAR Me Now?

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