While working out this morning, I was remembering how my life used to be on auto pilot and I would go through the motions of each day not really connecting to my day. Each day when we can open our eyes we get a “do-over” another chance to create the kind of life we want. But so many of us are stuck on auto-pilot, with blinders on, only looking at the fringes of what our life could be instead of choosing to commit to creating our life!

Create the life you want

You know the drill…the alarm goes off, you shuffle to the coffee maker, push a button, you brush your teeth, you get dressed, fix your hair, put on make-up, grab your coffee and you head out the door. That’s called auto-pilot. You can do these things with your eyes closed. If you have kids to care for then you have one eye open but you’re still on auto-pilot. You see when you put your life on auto-pilot, you’ve willingly given up control and whatever happens in your life will control you life instead of you having a say in creating the life you want.

When you commit to creating your life, you don’t need an alarm to wake you up, you get up naturally. You don’t need coffee to get you going in the morning; you’re energized because you had a restful night. There’s no need to go back to bed when the kids go off to school, because you can’t wait to get started on all the exciting things you have planned. If you keep dreaming of what your life could be, if only… then you’re not committed to creating the life you want to have. Stop dreaming of the “If only” and start committing to creating the life you want. Yes, it’s going to be difficult, no one said “It’s going to be easy!” But without your never ending commitment to creating the life you want, you’ll only have “What if’s.” “What if I had stuck with the exercise and diet plan?” What if I didn’t give up? “What if I worked on that relationship instead of pushing people away?”

How committed are you to your life?

Each day we wake up with a clean slate, do something different. If you always have coffee for breakfast, have a protein shake instead. If you go back to bed after the kids go to school, stay up, work out, go for a walk, talk to someone. If you want to lose weight, own a business, get a degree. Do it. Start with the small steps. If you wanting to lose weight, stop eating one processed meal a day and substitute an organic salad for a week. If you think you made a mistake somewhere along your life, go back and apologize, start over. If you’re still breathing, you have another chance to make things right.  If you want to own a business or make more money, research what you have an interest in and go from there. If health is important to you and you like helping people, click here and I can show you how to protect your health while helping others do the same.

Create the life you want or the life you have will create you.


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