Last month I went through how I save money because it is linked to stress which in turn is linked to our over all health and wellness. This month I thought I would go through my own action steps that help me concentrate on the wellness I wan to create in my own life, and help other people do the same. I’m calling this month’s blog posts APRIL’S ACTION STEPS TO WELLNESS. 

Since today is the April 1st I am tying the alphabet to the days of the month plus I’ll add four extra action steps that no wellness plan can be without.

do something

ACT: Do something. I want to achieve wellness so I must do something to accomplish this. There are seven dimensions of wellness so I must ACT on each of them to have balanced wellness at any point in my life.

  • Socially: I must DO SOMETHING to relate and connect with the people in my circle, my family, with my coworkers, and through my clients. So I began writing letters and making phone calls to people in my life that I wanted to thank and ask forgiveness for all the wrongs I’ve committed through the years. This helped me in reconnecting to people I haven’t spoken to in many years because of the hurt feelings that were between us whether because of my actions or not. 
  • Emotionally: I must ACT upon my own feelings: Do I let them out? Am I controlling them? Do I give myself permission to feel sadness and cry when I need to? Am I filled with hope instead of stress? Do I share my feelings in an appropriate manner with my loved ones? These are some questions I ask myself lately. Last month was kind of difficult because it began with accusations being hurled at me from a relative and I stopped sucking up the feelings and let them out in a nice but firm manner but the relative took what I said as fuel for the fire that burns within them. I did something! It felt good to stand up for myself. And it was long time coming. We can’t let other people trample our feelings with their words and expect our wellness not to be at stake. If some one is trampling you or your feelings, only you can put a stop to it.
  • Spiritually: I ACT everyday in this area by praying and studying my bible. The Words of God bring me peace. I am calmed by knowing that there is hope in God’s Word. By studying I bring God’s Words into my mind and I’m leaning on Him to help me get through my days.
  • Environmentally: Each day I DO my part in recycling, in not buying items that are over packaged. I also make sure that I water and tend my plants both indoors and out. I also cut down on the use of our vehicle so I’m not wasting gasoline. We are supposed to be stewards of the land (the bible tells us this) each of us need to DO our part in helping our children and grandchildren have an environment they can live in.
  • Occupationally: I love helping other people in making better health choices for themselves. It’s fulfilling when I see the light bulbs go off in people’s lives about something they didn’t know about what could possibly work for them. It brings me joy in knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of the people who work with me. Click here if you want to work with me and experience the joy that comes from loving what you do for a living.
  • Intellectually: I am always actively researching new ideas and paths. Learning is a lifelong joy for me. I love learning and make it a priority every day to learn something new. A long while back I read the books of Leo Buscaglia. He tells a story of how when he sat down at the dinner table he had to tell his father something new that he learned that day before he could eat. I remember that story because I am that same way with my husband. I am always telling him what I read about and how many different health issues are all linked to the foods we eat.
  • Physically: I ACT out in exercising, watching my portions, eating only organically, maintaining my health with no medications. I live a life filled with only 5 supplements (ASEA, my multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, Omegas,  and B-complex). I’ve never smoked or used drugs. Health has always been in the forefront of my mind.

So throughout the course of my day I am working on each and everyone of these seven areas of wellness whether I’m thinking about them or not. Plus for me I think they are all connected with my spiritual wellness because when I’m not on track with my prayer and bible study nothing seems to work for me.

What will you ACT on today that will make tomorrow’s wellness better?



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