Ever since the Tightwad Gazette came out back in the early 1990’s I’ve been keeping a price book. But now I have two of them. One is for all my online purchases and the other is for my purchases in grocery stores, health food, natural food stores and even clothing and electronic stores. With the many ways to purchase products now a price book is the only way to keep things straight.

The price book can be a simple notebook with columns in it for the different stores and the items with the prices each stores sell them for. It can also be kept on your cell phone as a note or a task. Since all my online purchases are made at home in front of my computer I just bring up my excel spreadsheet with all the online stores I use and the items I normally buy online with their different prices. I also keep track of all the sales that come out this way too. It helps to know who’s got what on sale and how much it will all cost once shipping and handling is figured in. Online Price ComparisonIf you’re not inclined to use a price book maybe you would use a phone app where you take a photo of the bar code and you’ll record the price and other information that’s hidden in the bar code.

The idea here is to know where to get the best price for the items you buy instead of running willy nilly all over the place to buy things. You’ll have a set list of items to get at each store.



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