Just the thought of swap meets and you think of burly men trying to trade tools out by in a bad neighborhood or trying to sell their junk.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Swap meets can be revamped to be whatever you want them to be. The negative connotation is taken away and we are left with a group of friends sharing what they have with each other, having fun, and saving money.

Swap Meet

A couple of years ago I had a clothing swap with some of the ladies in my new church. It was a great way to get to meet some of these ladies and a great way to swap out some of my old clothes for something new. Since then I’ve seen all different kinds of ways revamping swap meets. Each lady brought a bag of clothes to share. It was interesting because some ladies couldn’t attend, yet they still gave me bags of clothes. It was agreed upon ahead of time where the extra clothing would go (a woman’s shelter, etc), so there were no ill feelings.

This is a totally free way to get new clothes and have fun doing it. There is only one requirement in order to participate each person that attends needs to bring at least one piece of clothing that is worth sharing (laundered, no rips,  stains, pet hair, or holes). I served a light lunch before the swapping began.

Here’s a list of other things to swap with friends

  • Purses & shoes:  Have each person bring three purses and three pairs of shoes in order to swap
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games: Each person brings three that they are done with.
  • Cookbooks: Each person brings three cookbooks to swap and a dish from one of them. (My next one)
  • Kitchen Gadget Swap
  • Kid’s toys, clothing, baby accessories
  • Sporting goods

These are just a few off the top of my head, I’m sure if you think about it for a moment you could think of some that I haven’t. The best things about swapping is that you are doing it with friends, you’re laughing, and fun while each of you are saving money.


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