Sunday Drive

I remember as a child piling into the family car and driving to no particular destination. It was fun to see where we would end up. Sometimes we would stop at a diner along the road for a bite to eat and shop in the small town shops, for some trinket to help us remember that particular trip. It was fun as a child to ask, “Where does that road go?” My father would then drive down that road to find out where it went. Sometimes it led to no where in particular, but sometimes we would find a new route to a certain place we have been before. The Sunday Drive took us to new places while saving money on expensive vacations.

Have we gotten too busy as a society that the simple Sunday drives are a thing of the past?  I know that gas is expensive but if the trip is planned for it’s doable. What about other time honored traditions, like the block party, that took us out of the house and made us interact with other people in our neighborhood? These traditions made us converse with our families, our neighbors, our friends. Today we seem to be more interested in electronics, our computers, our videos and let’s not forget our phones.  When was the last time your family ventured out in the family vehicle without all the electronics devices, to no place in particular? When was the last time you explored the place in which you live?

We (my husband and I) moved to the Pacific Northwest in April of 2008. Each weekend we have explored our new part of the country in which we call home. Sometimes we have taken ferry rides, bus rides, and driven down roads that led to no where in particular. The scenery was beautiful, and exploring the new areas with each other made the day trips even more special. Our friends have asked us many times about the place we have been to. They have lived here longer than we, but have never ventured out. It is interesting to find that when people become comfortable with their surroundings they never want to venture out.

Imagine in times past, if people were afraid to venture out of their comfort zone, we wouldn’t have had the great explorers of the history books. We need to continue this tradition of venturing out for a Sunday Drive whether it be to the town next to yours or the other end of your neighborhood, or city in which you live. Go out and explore. The possibilities are endless. You never know what you might find. Who knows, you may find a really good restaurant, coffee house, book store; museum or antique store you never knew existed.

We need to get the exploring gene back into our lives. We have been told for many years now that we need to get out of our comfort zone. Explorers are not comfortable looking at the same four walls all the time; they have a need to see something new.  How great is the need in you, to get out of the mundane life of everyday living and see what is out there? Who knows you may even find that you like it out there. I know I did. I know it is hard at first to have an exploring attitude towards life. I know first hand. I am the typical homebody. I love being at home, everything I need is here. Well that is almost everything. I love spending time with my husband and he is a wanderer. He loves to explore new areas, whether on his bicycle, the ferries, a car trip or by hiking. He loves to be outside. So I have compromised and on Sundays we have our exploring time together. We some times pick a place on the map and use the GPS to get there or we simply get in the car and drive.

One Sunday Drive we drove a little over two hours south, to Portland, Oregon. We didn’t have a definite place picked out, we just wanted to go and say that we were in yet another state. It was fun, traveling along the interstate, the scenery was beautiful. We found a wonderful Outlet Mall along the way; we stopped by on the way back and found some really good deals. We love Outlet Malls; we would have never known it existed, if we didn’t take this particular Sunday drive. We also found a quaint little mom and pop diner, that we stopped in for a bite to eat. We loved every minute of this ride.

Venturing out doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can go with friends and split the cost of gas and have a wonderful time conversing in real time instead of through Facebook or texts.  Instead of stopping at restaurants you can find a park, pack a lunch and have a picnic.  You can make treasure maps of items for your children to find as you travel down the road, instead of being plugged into their DVD players, MP3’s and the like.

We need to bring back the time honored traditions of past, when times were simpler and parents talked to each other and to their children.

The Sunday Drive, the less expensive vacation.

Let’s bring it back.



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