I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve saved in recent years from using YouTube. YouTube has a a plethora of information on how do it yourself (DIY). Anything from quinoa sprouts to installing a new furnace and every in between is here at your finger tips. The money you save is all based on what you’re trying to do, of course.

YouTubeFor example, I’ve been cutting my own hair for a long time. But the videos on YouTube have really helped when I wanted to layer my hair, or fix it a different way. Here where I live cutting my own hair saves me $35 a pop. It helps to have the video with you when you’re standing in front of the mirror with scissors in hand instead of trying to remember what you watched or read about.

I also used YouTube when I was in school and had to watch different health videos and write up reviews on them. One such health video that I watched really changed the way I think about cancer. It’s titled Cancer – The Forbidden Cures. It changed the way I thought about this nasty disease. It’s all about big business and I didn’t know that before I watched it.

YouTube has also saved me money by offering up different business/entrepreneurs giving webinars on everything I needed to keep in mind when starting my new business. I’ve saved a lot of money and most importantly headaches when it comes to a network marketing company. The webinars I watched on YouTube were from people who have been through what I’m going through and offered tips on what they did that worked and what didn’t work.

YouTube can also be for pleasure. I used to have different clean comedians playing in the background while I wrote papers for school. They helped me focus more on the lighter side of life while working on a 20-page paper on the side effects of artificial sweeteners.

One thing for sure that YouTube has helped me with is by finding different health testimonials for the product I sell, and testimonials from people who eat an alkaline diet for health. If you’re trying to figure out if the alternative product or diet you want to use works for other people YouTube is the place to start.

Depending on what you need to do in your home or life will depend on how much money you can save with YouTube. I save money every day with the information I learn from the different people I subscribe to on there.


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