On Friday I talked about how getting things for free helps save money. Well today I want to delve into free seminars, lectures, book readings and events. These venues are held all over the place on any and every different subject. The entire family can benefit from these free outings.

Yesterday I went to a free sales, marketing, and branding seminar for my business. While I know the company giving the seminar did so with the intent on selling me their business coaching services, I thought it would be a good place to learn something new in this new field for me.

 Many times Naturopaths, Integrative doctors, the local YMCA, and different health groups also give wellness talks, lectures, and seminars. These are extremely helpful especially if you have a health challenge and just want to gain some useful information.

Free lectures given by book authors are another wonderful way to learn about a different subject or to enjoy the process of writing a book. Many times different children’s authors will give a reading at a book store or library that is enjoyable by the whole family. Just call around your city to find out where the authors are speaking in your city. This could be a unique gift to both a child and an adult.


What’s it worth to you? To me the health seminars are valuable because by going to one in particular two years ago I was able to pinpoint my husband’s health challenge he was having at the time. Plus seven different people were picked out from the audience to receive two free consultations; my husband was one of the seven people. That was worth its weight in gold to us at the time, because he was unemployed and we didn’t have health insurance. We saved $320 just by going to a free health seminar. Not all seminars are like that one. But the one I went to yesterday, I did get a free $14 book on branding written by the business coach who spoke, all I had to do is contact him through Linked In.

Check your local paper in the Happenings sections. Check out local groups or that are geared toward your interests (photography, gluten-free living, health, vegan living, etc). Also check in at the specialty stores in your area. My husband and I have attended workshops on Trigger Point Therapy, Inflammation Awareness. There are also churches who give free seminars on timely subjects. Trust me you’ll learn something new from the experts in their field without having to pay a dime.


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