Who doesn’t like a gift that’s handmade? I love receiving gifts that are handmade because it shows that the giver really put their time and energy into the gift. They made this gift with me in mind. If you give handmade gifts you know that these gifts save money, because you’ve only had to pay for the supplies and not the craftsmanship hours to make it.

I love giving handmade gifts. About 7 years ago I told my husband that from now on I would give a homemade gift to my friends and families for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers and other times when a gift would be appropriate. I use my talents as a skilled crocheter to make blankets for newborns. I’ve used my cooking skills to make up food for people who come home from surgery, I’ve even used my keen eye to help people who are color blind to put together clothing outfits out of the clothes in their closets.

Instead of just running out to purchase a nonsense gift for your next gift giving occasion, why not use the talents you have to give them something they will cherish forever. Even more make a commitment to only give gifts that are handmade by you.

Don’t think you have a talent worth giving here are some gifts that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Clean someone house for them.
  • Record yourself reading books for your grandchildren
  • Record yourself playing or singing a favorite song
  • Wash their car
  • Mow your friend’s lawn
  • Make up a special dinner
  • Type out some interesting quotes
  • Get your friends together and give a special spa day you all do yourself.

While these are some simple things you can do that say “I took time to think about you.” They may be small in comparison to a store-bought gift but they mean so much more. When we spend our time and energy on other people not only do we save money, but we bridge the gap of love. 

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