I’ve used coupons and thought I was saving money on the items I bought. I’ve seen these coupon divas buying boxes and boxes of cake mixes, soda, candy, and every other processed food item with great abandon. Taking  pride over how much money they saved by sharing the photos of their bounty on social media. I have to ask, Is money really being saved when all they’ve bought are items that are genetically modified? So many times you look into their pantries and see shelves and shelves of mixes that are devoid of nutritional value. When hard times hit, they may have a stocked pantry but there’s not a single ounce of nutrition. Coupons are great if you use them wisely and only buy what you need.

Don't get caught up!

Don’t get caught up!

In my over zealous couponing years I too, bought items that I didn’t need only because I had a coupon and it was on sale. This way of thinking only made me spend more money than I actually intended to on items I did not need. When I stopped playing the coupon game, I started to save even more money and our health, too.  All the money I threw toward buying things and food items I did not need, I was able to purchase better quality items.

People ask me all the time how can I get such good deals on my grocery bills, it’s simple stick to the list, use coupons only on items you regularly buy, need, and have nutrition in them. Let go of the farce that you are saving money when you make purchases with all these coupons.

  • Monthly Savings: Your families’ health

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