Today we have the opportunity to pick up a new lens for my husband’s camera. He found it on Craigslist. We need to travel 72 miles to reach our destination. So we planned all week to make this trip. My husband only took the car to work, and we walked all the other places we needed to get to during the week. I walked 10 miles one day to get to the post office and the library. We walked to the grocery store, and even down to the harbor to enjoy our warm days. We also took the time to plan our destinations and what other places we could stop in at while we were traveling the 72 miles from our home.

So we stopped in at some of our favorite shops that we don’t normally get to,  Sno-Isle Foods (a natural food co-op). We also checked out REI, and took our lunch so we could eat it it on the ferry ride back.

Gas prices

The point is this, if you are going to travel a distance longer than 3 miles away, you might as well make the most of it. Gas prices keep rising and we all need to make our gas money go further. One other thing both my husband and I did was to institute a new rule for ourselves. If our destination is within 3 miles from our home, we walk it. If it’s longer than 3 miles, we’ll take the car but we bundle our destinations with others on our list. So next week when I have a chiro appointment, I’ll also stop in at Target to get my paper products.

This also helps our health because walking is one of the best and cheapest forms of exercise a person can get.

Kill two birds with one stone, go for a walk and save some money.

  • Monthly Savings: $28
  • Yearly Savings: $336


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