We cut the cord three years ago when my husband was unemployed. It wasn’t difficult for us since we only had cable for 2 years. We never had cable when our sons were living at home. There are so many other forms of entertainment that surface when you sever your ties to the black box in your living room. The living room where you don’t talk, but only sit in a stupor watching one graphic image after the next. Maybe the living room should be changed to the brainwashing room. All those graphic images just brainwash you into thinking you need new furniture, your children need plastic colored cereal or they won’t be happy. When you cut the cord, you’ll get your family and yourself back.

Cutting the cable

Cheap forms of entertainment

  • Library: check out movie videos, documentaries, and full season of your favorite shows.
  • There’s always Hulu and watching your favorite shows on their stations.
  • Check out regular television: we’ve got Hallmark, Antennae TV, ION, THIS, LWN, 2 PBS stations, CREATE, RTV, DISC, and TV GUIDE along with the four basic channels. 
  • There are many free seminars around our city: Health, financial, fitness, hobbies, crafts, photography. Look into what you can learn about.
  • Even if you don’t get television stations, there are other ways to entertain your families. Read a book aloud to your children. If it’s just you and the hubby, read a book to each other. Right now I’m reading  the Hills of Tuscany by Ferenc Mate.

When our sons were still living at home, we didn’t have cable because my husband and I didn’t think it was worth the money. Instead our sons, watched National Geographic documentaries that I got from the library, learned to play musical instruments, did art projects, played games, worked in the yard, or go on family walks and bike rides with us.

As I write this I’m watching NATURE on PBS about elephants and I’m prompted to call my youngest son, to tell him I was watching a show about Echo and Eli. He immediately set his Tivo to record it, when it was on again. My youngest son (25 now) watched a documentary on Eli, and named his stuffed elephant after the one he watched when he was five.

If you want to get your family back, cut the cord.

An adventure awaits when you aren’t tethered to your home.

These are the savings in my area from cutting the cord, for an introductory starter offer. It didn’t include any sports stations, or movie stations. Maybe it’s time to investigate what you’re paying per month and then per year.

  • Monthly Savings: $40 not including taxes (first 6 months) & $60 from 6-12 months. 
  • Yearly Savings: $599.88

Think about how you could use that saved money for your health, a vacation, pay off a bill or build up that cushion you’ve been meaning to do.

2 thoughts on “TIP #1: CUT THE CORD

  1. We’ve gone back to basic and Hulu… that’s all anyone really needs.
    It’s nice to spend time playing games and going for walks.
    Always love Your Perspective…

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