Every day we are faced with either the same problems, fears, conflicts, or just plain lack of motivation. Every day we have the choice to either continue what we are doing or looking beyond the norm for the miracles that are around the corner. How open to miracles have we become through this transformation of a new life in 28 days?

Open to Miracles

For myself the answer is easy. I’d rather be open to the possibilities and miracles then stuck in a rut with my head in the sand. It’s day 20, I have 8 more days left and this journey has been a real eye opener for me. I’ve learned that miracles in life don’t just happen; we need to be open, ready and looking for the miracles. Miracles don’t just fall in our laps.

I’ve spent my life stuck in that rut, during the last 20 days I’ve lifted my head from the sand, looked around, and made contact with my real self. I’ve explored why I keep going through the same trials and not getting anywhere. I’ve come to the realization that while I’m afraid of failing, I’m also afraid of succeeding. Accepting this fact about myself was eye-opening. It’s propelled me into a new way of living. I’m more at peace with myself, my surroundings, and the people in my life.

Day 20 also has me convicted to living a simpler life. I’m walking to more places than before, if my destination is within three miles from my home, I’m walking there.  Meatless Monday has become meatless Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday too. Creativity is a part of my life. Each day I am engaging in something that involves my innate creativity. In doing so, I’ve realized that I snack less and move more.

Day 20 is also important since during this time I’ve lost 10 pounds without trying to and while eating the foods I like. It’s important to note that while we change our focus from always thinking about food to thinking about living we eat when we’re hungry and choose foods that help our bodies.

Looking beyond the norm is the only way to stay one step ahead of the game of life but it is also the only way to stay a step ahead in the best health of your life. 


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