Everyday I take a walk with my husband either before of after dinner, we’ve been averaging about 4 miles a night. We stop at the many crosswalks to get to our walking trail. One such crosswalk is new; it is not a simple push button instead it’s sensored where you just put your finger on the small indentation on the box. A loud booming voice tells you to “WAIT! WAIT!”  I know it’s for the seeing impaired. But this new type of walk signal is only at one crosswalk on a busy street that has three major intersections.

Don't walk

I love hearing those words every time it isn’t safe to cross. When the light changes and it’s our turn to cross this same voice tells us “48th Street Cross Sign is On!”

Walk Signal

Sometimes I’d love to get these warnings and approvals in other areas of life some for fun and some for real.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear your credit card say, “Ouch those new shoes just cost you four hours of pay!”

Maybe your car can ask you when you’re speeding, “Do you have an extra $300 to pay for a speeding ticket?”

Don’t you think it would be great if our refrigerators could tell us, “Who drank all the milk? “Who put the empty ice cream container back in the freezer?” Mine would be constantly telling me “It was Joe!”

We keep journals of what we eat – maybe the journals should be attached to the scale that tells you “Uh-Oh no more chocolate for you!” “Great job, all your hard work is paying off!”

How about if our car told us after we parked it, “Congratulations, you didn’t tailgate, or try to run someone off the road, or speed; you can drive me again tomorrow!”

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear a “Thank-you” after you’ve added more ink to the printer.

How many other areas in life would you like to hear




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