It’s the halfway point in this challenge A New Life In 28 Days. Just like any time when change is happening there is are moments of self-reflection and moments of speeding through the change markers. But the things that stand out most in this challenge are the joys of change that make us eager to keep going.

For me those joys include a simplified diet and life where I haven’t thought about food all the time but instead have been given the time to read and reflect on life and my place in it. Another joy occurred when I turned off the television and spent time reading to my husband,  playing a game, or even going for walks with him after dinner. These are simple joys that show me what’s important.

SimpleThis half way point has also brought to another place on my scale, I’ve lost weight without stressing about it. Since my food is simple, and my exercising is simple I’ve been able to drop 6 pounds. It’s like a type of freedom when I listen to my body instead of telling my body what to do. By listening I’ve learned that some mornings a cup of tea is all I need and other mornings I need a breakfast of oatmeal with nuts. I’ve learned to know that feeling when enough is enough. I exercise the same way when my body wants strenuous exercise I do it, when it needs a break I give it one with no guilty feelings.

There are 14 days left of this challenge and I’ve learned so much already about myself and this process of change. There isn’t a time limit on health so I shouldn’t put a time limit on getting myself healthy and fit. My body’s standards of fit and healthy aren’t the same as the national standards. Where did those standards come from anyway? Not where you think. I’ve not been trying to get healthy to reach an outlandish standard set by a committee. The committee I am concerned with is my body of one. Neither should you.

We are all different and we all need different things at different times. But one thing is the same we all have the same amount of cells and those cells communicate better when it has the right tools to that.


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