Every time I make an excuse not to workout (or not do what I truly want to do), I let myself down. I know I won’t overcome anything if I keep standing in my own way. I see that excuse and think about all the other times where I let myself down and let failure rule my life. I gained 8 pounds last month because I gave into my excuses. I gave into my weaknesses that’s why I was disappointed.

Knowing my proclivity to use excuses in all different situations in my own life, helps me to find ways to side-step them. I started reading the book Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomagno. It’s all about creating and living a simple life with less stuff. There’s an exercise in it that directly relates to excuses and why we are so attached to them. I did this exercise with all the excuses I regularly use, it’s very eye opening.


Grab a journal with several blank pages in it.

Write down all the excuses you’ve said and used that have stopped you from accomplishing the goals you’ve had through life. One on each page of the journal.

Then explore and write down the feelings you have had when you used those excuses.

Describe how you’d feel if you didn’t have to use the excuse ever again.

Without the excuse what accomplishments would you make?

In looking at your life, what does your excuse represent? (This was a difficult questions to answer.)


My excuse: I don’t have the time to exercise.

My feelings when I use it: I feel like my time would be put to better use if I was doing something for the family, or working on other things. There is always something I need to do that is more important than what I want to do.

Not using the excuse: I would feel as important as the other people in my life. I would not be putting myself last.

Accomplishments: I’d be my healthiest self all the time, not just for an important occasion. I’d be fit and able to keep up with my busier life. I’d have even more energy, more money, and not need to worry about my weight.

Excuse represents:I’m repeating the steps my mother walked in. She always put herself last; she was the last to get new clothes and only if there was money left over. She was always putting the needs of everyone else before her own. In my life this excuse represents an early death.

Now it’s your turn explore your excuses.

Stop letting your excuses lead to more let downs.

The excuse-free way to a healthy life!



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