Last week I started having dreams about commitment to the point I asked myself “How committed am I to changing my life?” People have so many issues with commitment; we see it in marriages, in faith, in worship practices, and in living a healthy life. In order to change your life you have to be committed to the change, to the process, and to your life. Be Committed or Go Home; you’ll accomplish nothing if you aren’t committed.

According to, commitment means pledging a promise to, an obligation, involvement. If we have a sincere commitment to living a new life than we will make the promise to change. We do have an obligation to ourselves to keep that promise. If we’re not involved in our own life, how can we expect others to be?  If we aren’t committed to our own lives then who will be?

My favorite Commitment Quote

My favorite Commitment Quote!

We need to let go of these phrases: “Whatever!” “I don’t care!” “Who cares?” and others like them. In one of my dreams I had last week, I answered everyone’s questions with “I don’t care!” People asked me what I wanted to eat, I said “I don’t care!” In my dream, my husband asked me if he could work on the car in the living room, I said, “I don’t care!” A doctor in my dream asked me if he could give me a shot of all the GMO pesticides known to man, I said “I don’t care!”  The thing is I do care; I care very deeply! I would never let my husband work on the car near my white sofa. I would never let doctors give me shots of anything, let alone the poisons in GMO pesticides.  I never eat anything without questioning what’s in it, or where it came from.

Are we committed to making lasting changes or just temporary fixes? This is a question each of us must ask ourselves. Are we catching ourselves when we say “Whatever”, “I don’t care!”, “Who cares?” and other noncommittal statements?

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.” ~Pat Riley

Day 3

Be Committed to your life!

Be Committed to the process!

Be Committed or Go Home!


One thought on “DAY 3: BE COMMITTED OR GO HOME

  1. Great encouraging post. Thank you. Last night I had a nightmare that donuts and cookies and cakes were spread on tables all around the room I was standing it. I was proud that in my dream I didn’t say, “I don’t care.” instead I forced myself to wake up. True story.

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