You get up in the morning and turn into a zombie; going about your day without thinking about what you’re doing. You’re on autopilot when you snap on the coffee maker, step into the shower, get dressed, drive to work, check your messages, and even talk to your family. Your kids ask you about going to the movies, you say “NO.” Your spouse wants you to look at a new place to vacation, you say “NO.” Your friend is inviting you to a wellness seminar, you say “NO!” You have gone from autopilot to zombie just spouting off “NOs” to every question that comes to you.

A toddler hears the word “NO”400 times a day according to WebMD. Many professions hear the word “NO” on a daily basis. Many performers and champions of the world have had to deal with “NO” that were spouted off by people who were either headed to Zombieland or on autopilot. Do you think if Oprah Winfrey listened to all the “NOs” in her life she would be where she is today? When was the last time you listened to a phone message instead of saying “NO, I’m not interested?” How can you know if you’re not interested you haven’t given the person on the other end a chance to let you know why they were calling?


How many times during your day do you let your autopilot take over and run your day? Opportunity may be knocking at your door, do you answer it with a “NO” because you’re stuck in Zombieland? Or do you get over your skepticism and answer the door with a welcoming smile?

Opportunity knocks only so many times. Turn the autopilot off. Step out of Zombieland.

The world awaits!


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