How much energy are we generating? How much energy can you generate if you are constantly feeling sick because of the food choices you make?

Our lifestyles are on display to people who are looking up to us. Our children are watching what you eat and do every day; you are the example they model their lives after. If you aren’t healthy and fit; don’t expect your children to be either. When we are team members we watch the captains and listen to what they tell us to do, but more importantly we watch what they do. If what you are saying as a captain does not match what you are doing then don’t expect your teammates to follow you.


Here are three easy ways to generate energy

Exercise: Not just your body but you mind, your mouth, and your life. 

We all know that we are more energetic after we work out. But when we engage our mind, our mouth and our lifestyle into this generation of energy it will carry you farther in life. Read positive books every day. Talk to positive people every day, and your lifestyle will represent energy instead of stagnation.

Eat Healthy: Junk food” robs your body of energy because it doesn’t give you any nutrients. The same is what happens for your mind. When you eat junk food, your mind starves to death. Healthy, organic, unprocessed food gives your mind and body the required nutrients to generate energy

Choose Your Words Wisely: If you are constantly walking around saying “I’m so tired”, “Woe is me”, “I just want to sleep”, people will not want to be around you. You want energy so tell yourself, “I’m so excited to be awake, what can I do today?”  Remember our example’s mean a lot to everyone around us.

Power plants don’t make energy they generate it. You are the power plant. You can generate energy. Go out and generate some positive energy in your life.




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