Four years ago I started having trouble with my left shoulder. I needed help putting on my coat and had to make sure I changed the way I dressed myself. I thought it was all do to the stress of moving across the country. But it was more than that. I had pain in both my shoulders that I thought was because of the auto-immune disease I had. Little did I know that something was happening at the cell level within my muscles that needed rejuvenation.

It wasn’t until I was settled into my new home that I sought answers from a chiropractor. My left shoulder issue was not the same type of pain I had before and it only hurt when I tried to raise it above my head, or put it behind me. After the x-rays, and everything else was ruled out, I was told that I had syndrome that made my shoulder immobile. I was given exercises to do, and different at home treatments that involved ice cube massages and heat packs. The chiropractic treatments involved the chiropractor forcefully rubbing my shoulder with what looked like a large guitar pick. PAINFUL was not the word. According to the chiropractor, he was trying to wake up the muscle and rub away any scar tissue that had accumulated there. I did that treatment only a four times, it was so painful that each time I’d walk away with bruises on my shoulder.

Okay why am I telling you all this…It’s been almost 5 years since the pain began. Last Friday while I was in the shower doing my shoulder exercises I noticed that I could raise my left arm over my head without pain, and I could put it behind me without pain. It is also important to note here that I haven’t been to the chiropractor in over a year. I go once a year, on my birthday, because it’s free.

I’ve also been noticing that I’ve been able to do other stretches where I am to keep my shoulders and elbows on the floor. Now my left shoulder and elbow are on the floor where it’s suppose to be instead of modifying the position, I get a better stretch for my entire body.


Again why am I telling you this…because the only thing I’ve changed in this whole process is that I started spraying my left shoulder with the ASEA almost 2 months ago. I’m flabbergasted at how much I am able to do now, that I couldn’t do just 2 months ago. I am able to workout with weights for my shoulders now, where before I would just bypass those exercises because it was too painful.

It is a known fact that whatever we put on our skin is absorbed and used in our bodies. Each time I sprayed the ASEA, it was absorbed and used to help stimulate my body’s own healing process. In my shoulder’s case, it helped detect, repair, and replace the muscle cells in my shoulder. Thus giving me back my range of motion.



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