So many people make resolutions at the beginning of each new year only to break them within days of making them. The many reasons stem from lack of focus, lack of motivation, and the newness wears off. Making a resolution often requires us to sit down and look at what we want to change about ourselves; most of the time we keep these resolutions to ourselves, which means we are not accountable for these resolutions.

This year instead of making a resolution, make a declaration. Write down what you are going to do and find someone who you know can keep you accountable and have that person or group of people sign it. A declaration page states what you will do. Once it is signed by you and the people who will keep you accountable it cannot be broken. You cannot decide one day “This is too hard, I’m going to quit.”


A declaration page could be a list of your goals with action steps attached with time frames of when you will accomplish the goals. For instance my declaration page is broken down into 12 parts that represent 12 months. January’s health goal is to lose 16 pounds and another size.  My action steps are to work out 5 days a week for an hour a day, and eat a diet high in fiber, high in protein, low in Carbs  and low in any sugars. January’s business goal is to reach the next level in the ASEA compensation for me, which is Bronze. My action steps are to sign up at least 10 new associates, and help all my associates reach their next level.

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves but when we declare our intentions with people who will keep us accountable we are will follow through.



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