December 28: If I didn’t shoot for the moon (18 pounds) I wouldn’t be down 13 pounds.


Aiming high this month in my weight loss challenge has really made me aware of the accomplishments I’ve made this month. Usually I aim low like only losing about 5 pounds a month, then reality sets in and I only lose 2. This month was different. This was the first month that I not only aimed high, but I also worked my butt off (I left some of my butt on the treadmill, on the trail, and on my living room floor).


I’ve also learned a lot about my exercise style. I like to do floor exercises (aka: Yoga, Pilates, Callanetics) while I watch PBS documentaries or nature shows early in the morning. How interesting it is to learn while I work out. Plus, I retain so much of the information. I don’t like working out with a lot of people around me. So I hit our fitness studio (in my apartment complex) in the early morning hours. I am alone with my thoughts and with my steps.

I’ve also learned a lot about my food choices, while eating eggs for breakfast was great for the first couple of weeks, it gets old fast. So I took it up a notch and included some protein wheat grass smoothies;  high protein crepes/tortillas; high protein, no sugar muffins; and even leftovers from my dinner the night before. I still love soups for lunch, now I just make them higher in protein by adding legumes, or poultry. Dinner is really my fun time, because now I can experiment with different meals trying to find ways to compensate for grains by using different vegetables and grasses. Like wild rice or quinoa both of which are not a grain at all. Wild rice is a grass and quinoa is a seed.

Within this month I’ve learned  that my example speaks volumes. Because now my husband is also following the same diet and maybe next month he’ll also be working out.



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