Day 13: Half-way point hit!

There is nothing better than knowing that I hit the half-way point a day earlier than I wanted to. It also astonished me that I lost weight while being in extreme pain and knowing that my back, and my hip was inflamed. That being said when I climbed on the scale on Saturday morning I thought for sure it was going to tell me that I had gained a couple of pounds but it didn’t. I lost even more weight. So if you are in pain but can still move, then move because that movement will help your body get rid of the inflammation that is causing your pain in the first place. It bothers me so much when people tell me that I should stop exercising when I am in physical pain. Many tell me that they would rather sit, and wait for the pain to go away then to work through the pain. Well sitting around is what causes people to have pain in the first place, because muscles atrophy and joints lose their mobility. Sitting for hours on end can shorten a persons life by 2 years. So you better believe that if I’m sitting down, a part of me is moving. Like if I sit and crochet, or sit on an exercise bike and watch the news.

Day 14: Another Pound Lost

It’s so nice to get on the scale and see the numbers gradually go down. Yesterday was one of those days that I had to weigh myself 3 times all in disbelief. I could not believe that I could lose 10 pounds in 14 days. I have never been able to do this before, but then I don’t think I’ve been this determined either.

Goal ahead

I have my goals in hand, in mind and now on my tongue. And every morning I say my goals out loud so they become what I think about more than the negative things in my life. I did a lot of purging yesterday: old files, desk drawers, magazines. I feel like I just want it all gone. There’s no reason to hold on to pounds I don’t want and things I don’t want. I then spent the rest of the day with my wonderful, loving husband.

Day 15: Morning Routine

Morning routine getting easier and easier. Stretch, ice, Pilates, stretch, ice. Then sometime this afternoon the exercise bike will feel my presence. I always like to break up my workouts; it gives me something to look forward to. Yes I know I am not normal. I love the feeling of working out. I am never tired after a workout anymore, my blood pressure doesn’t plummet anymore after I workout, my muscles aren’t fatigued anymore after I workout. They don’t even hurt the next day.

Why? It’s all because of ASEA. And I’m thankful for this amazing product, because without it I know what I would face after a workout. Without ASEA in my life, my workouts always ended up with my blood pressure plummeting so low that I would have cold shakes that would only be fixed if I took a nap. There’s no need for a nap when my cells are getting what they need.


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