Day 12

Today’s weigh in was not what I was expecting. I actually lost a pound. So my total so far is 7 pounds lost. Today has been riddled with tragedy, stress, and prayers. But through it all I have to stay true to the obligation I have to my goals. I can’t let what happens in the world sway me from doing what I know is right. I must me even more convicted to the truth and live by example.

Yes sciatic pain is my constant companion but I still worked out, I still did 250 crunches, and stretched every 30 minutes. It will take some time for my sciatic pain to go away, but it won’t stop me. Working through the pain also helps me get through the stress of the tragedy in Connecticut. Because as I walk I pray for all the victims.

Sad world

We live in a sad world, that is going to get even worse, before it ever gets better. I must keep on keeping on. I must attend to my goals, and live according to the WORD. I can’t fix the world, but I can fix myself with diligence, patience, and love.



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