Day 4:

Had fun while in the grocery store yesterday. While I walked through the bakery section I looked at my hips telling them “you don’t need anymore padding.” Then I turned my head and saw a pretty rose that I bought for myself.

Yellow Roses - my Favorite

Yellow Roses – my Favorite 

I bought some broccoli and cauliflower, then headed to poultry section. Since I am one of those people who always plans meals around what’s in the discount bin, I thought I’d look there first, nothing I would eat only red meat. Chickens were on sale so I bought 3 whole chickens, and a pound of ground chicken. Had the ground chicken last night with the broccoli and cauliflower. Made Chicken meatballs with ground sunflower seeds and flax seeds; I roasted the broccoli and cauliflower together with some garlic.

Also had one of my moments, when I was staring at a bag of taco chips wanting them really bad. I phoned a friend, he talked me through it by asking me what type of stress I was dealing with. Then asked me if I needed to set the right example for other people in my house. Boy do I ever. I need to be strong. He asked if I had anything else in the house I could eat instead. I did, I found some walnuts in the freezer. I got off the phone and sat down still staring at the chips and eating my walnuts.

Dragon Slayed

Dragon Slayed

Then I took the bag of chips, crushed them to smithereens and poured them into the garbage can. It’s a liberating feeling to know that I have control over what goes into my mouth.

Day 5:

Got on the scale today, lost 4 pounds.

Tried on some smaller clothes, and my smaller, skinny jeans fit. I am so thrilled. That I felt

like celebrating. So I fixed myself a good breakfast, 2 sunny side up eggs, some oats, and a nice cup of chamomile tea. Sat down at my breakfast table and read three chapters in my new book while nibbling this scrumptious meal.

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