Every year through the month of November people post on Facebook what they am thankful for. I think this should be a daily remembrance. Thanking God on a daily basis, not just one time a year, brings a new perspective to our lives. We are brought through from year to year thanking God for getting us through. Not realizing that we should be thankful for not only the blessings but also the hard times, and the necessities of life. 

Below are some questions that I hope will stir you thankfulness a bit and show how we should be grateful for the people, and experiences we have in our lives.

  • How has God blessed you this year
  • Ever take an inventory of those blessings?
  • 1.7 people die every second…how is your health?
  • Do you have the basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter) of life?
  • If you spent 15 minutes out of your day, out of the 1,440 minutes, giving thanks for what you have; how would your life be different?
  • 35% of the population don’t have close friends…how many close friends do you have?
  • 40% of the population does not have a job…Are you bringing home a paycheck?
  • Do you have a relationship with your children, your parents, or other relatives?
  • There are 40 million blind people in the world…can you see the sunrise or sunset?
  • There are 70 million deaf people in the world…can you hear the soft sounds of a song bird?

When we think of thankfulness in terms of what is lacking in this world, our lives are filled with abounding blessings. Sometimes we need to open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving!






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