I am a collector of quotations, and one quotation from Rick Warren sits proudly on my computer monitor. “What’s in your hands?”

Every day I am reminded of what I have in my hands. What has God given me? What talent has God given me? What knowledge has God given me?

Am I taking what God has given me to the next level?

Am I sharing what God has given me?

We are given many talents and skills, do we share them with others, or just hide and hoard them?

We each are learning different forms of knowledge according to the path we walk. Do we share this knowledge with others or do we hide it within us?

These are questions that each of us we need to answer. If I knew of something that could make a person sick but did not share it with people, what kind of person would that make me?

I am responsible for sharing the knowledge I have about genetically modified foods, food additives, and how to eat healthier.

Through my schooling I’ve learned much about our human body and what it needs to heal from illnesses. I firmly believe that synthetic forms of medicine create more illness. When we combat illnesses with food we nourish our cells. When we want our cells to communicate better we use native and natural products that can help.

Are you using what is in your hands for the betterment of the world?


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