I recently read an article in September/October 2012 issue of Natural Health Magazine entitled 10 Ways to Go Natural. Number 7 caught my eye: it states that “people’s choice of attire is strongly influenced by how they feel. Jeans are worn by depressed women and dresses are worn by happy people.” I don’t think this is true of most women, because last week when I tried on my skinny jeans and they fit me, I was ecstatically happy. Depression for me looks like my comfy sweats.

From Target

Today, I decided to wear a dress, only to see if it could possibly change my mood, looks like it can. Because not not only am I wearing my favorite blue dress, I’m also wearing my new black leggings, and purple socks. So far today: I dusted the entire house, I took the trash out, I straightened up my living room, and did a load of dishes. I feel like June Cleaver, minus the pearls, from Leave it To Beaver.

Plus I find myself sitting up straighter, and more conscious of how I eat or drink anything. It’s not raining yet (It’s always raining somewhere in the Puget Sound area, this time of year), I think I’ll also take a walk in my dress.




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