Cell Regeneration Schedule

Healthy men and women regenerate cells on the following schedule

NEW Red Blood Cells: 120 days

NEW Skeleton Cells: 90 days

NEW Brain Cells, and Tissue: 60 days

NEW Bladder Cells: 49 days

NEW Liver & DNA Cell Material: 45 days

NEW Hair & Skin Cells: 30 days

NEW Stomach Lining: 5 days

When we are healthy we are making these new cells easily, but Illness, disease, aging, toxins, toxic environments, poor diets slow down this process. What does all this mean for us? It means that every time we get sick we out body is paying attention to healing itself instead of creating new cells. When we were sick as children our bodies healed quickly, but as we age it takes longer for the body to heal itself. ASEA helps our body regenerate its cells easier and faster than if we were trying to do it alone.




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