Every day people always want to add minutes to their day, or simply looking for quicker ways of doing some mundane thing so they can get on with the rest of their lives. I once asked my group of friends several questions regarding how they handle extra time for an assignment I had in one of my classes. The class was a time management class that was geared to how the handling of the time we have is also related to our many levels of health. There is no right or wrong answers to these questions, but all need to be asked as a precursor of how we handle our own time crunches and extra time, if we have any.

1. If you have an extra 5 minutes would you read your bible or say a prayer?

(SIDE NOTE: If I have 5 extra minutes, I usually have enough time to read my bible which I have on my phone, or in my kindle. It’s good to read something from our Creator on how to live life, then I say a little prayer to help me digest what I read and apply it to my life.)

2. If you arrived 10 minutes early to pick up your child from school, practice, etc would you play a game on your cell phone or get out of the car and do some stretches?

(SIDE NOTE: Any extra time I can spend working out is a step in the right direction in my book. Playing games on cells phones or computers is just another time waster, when you think of it in the time/value scenarios.)

3. When you have to wait in line at the grocery store, doctor’s office, restaurant, etc do you sit quietly and read the magazines or do you engage in conversations with the other waiters in line with you?

(SIDE NOTE: Engaging in conversations is the only way to make a connection to the world. If we would just stopped being so connected to our electronic devices and connect in real time we wouldn’t have so many lonely people in the world.)

4. You arrive 15 minutes early to an appointment, do you help people you seed in need or do you just sit in your vehicle waiting for the right time to make your appearance?

(SIDE NOTE: I arrived 20 minutes early to an interview one time, and saw a person trying to carry too many things for only two hands. So I offered my assistance and helped this lady to her office. It was one of the best things I could have done because this lady was the person I was interviewing with that day. You never know if the connection you make will take you to the next level.)

5. Would you rather spend an extra two hours a week learning something new or teaching what you know to someone else?

(SIDE NOTE: From personal experience I learn more from teaching other people because of the questions that my students will ask of me. It is interesting at how much I need to know about the subject that I am teaching about to answer any questions that people might have while we are in the learning environment. )

6. Envy, jealousy, gossiping, hating, holding grudges, negativity, etc are time wasters. How have these time wasters crept into your life?

(SIDE NOTE: Forgiving other people of what they do to me whether in haste or deliberately puts me in a better place both spiritually, physically, and emotionally. People do not wake up in the morning thinking about who they can cut off in traffic. Again people do not think about what comes out of their mouths, if they did half the things they say would never be said.)

7. For each purchase you make, whether it is the new electronic gadget you lust after or that candy bar that jumped into your shopping cart, do you calculate the time/money/value factor for your purchases? Do you realize that these purchases influence not only your expended time but also how you value your family time, and your life?

(SIDE NOTE: Every time my husband and I think we need an upgrade of electronic gadgets, we look at how much extra work we will have to do to afford it and we also look at how much we actually need it in how much value it will bring to our lives. Giving into a craving of a candy bar does not give much value to our lives in the long run, but calculating what the will power to say “No” to the craving has on our lives is greater than giving in to the craving.)

Answer these questions truthfully and you will begin to see what is important to you and what you might want to work for.


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